What To Pack For Cabo (& 3 Items To Leave Behind)

What To Pack For Cabo: Are you heading to the sun-soaked resort town of Cabo San Lucas? Lucky you! You’re in for a treat! Not long and you will be walking along the gorgeous white sandy beaches with the sparkling sapphire-blue Sea of Cortez gently lapping at your toes. So after the itinerary has been planned, resorts booked and flights sorted…there is only one thing left to ask. What to pack for Cabo. Many women in particular really stress over what they need to pack and wonder whether they will feel comfortable walking around in swimsuits day in and day out. 

Do you want the good news first? Women have reported feeling very safe and comfortable in Cabo, with skimpy beach attire not attracting the same attention it would back home. Why? It’s a beach town! Everyone dresses in swimsuits and paired-back clothing. Nothing to see here, folks! Now for the packing list…these are some of the items we just wouldn’t want to visit Cabo without. 

What to pack for Cabo: your packing list 

Travel Documents

When deciding what to pack for Cabo (or any trip), this should always be first on your list! Take your hotel booking confirmation, flight details, boarding passes and passport with you and consider keeping them all together in a travel document wallet. Keep a copy of your passport on you at all times and lock your originals away in your hotel safe until departure. Being stuck without your passport or flight details can really mess up a wonderful trip.

Waterproof Phone Case 

Spending lots of time in the water is part and parcel of a trip to Cabo. From paddleboarding to surfing and sailing along the Sea of Cortez, much of your time will be spent in or around water. Most travelers want to take their phones with them to the beach or on cruises but disaster can strike if the phone gets splashed or dropped into the water. Investing in a good quality waterproof phone case will save you the headache of a broken phone and allow you to capture those magic moments with peace of mind. 

Waterproof Camera 

You can pick up some really cheap disposable cameras nowadays which we would highly recommend taking along with you, especially if you will be diving or snorkeling. Imagine being able to capture the beauty of the underwater marine life to remember forever. 

Sneakers/Hiking Boots 

Hiking, ATV tours, camel safaris and other outdoor activities are also on many tourists itinerary so if you’re planning any of the above, it’s imperative that you pack some decent sports shoes or hiking boots. Nobody wants blisters and sore feet distracting you from the beauty around you!

Reef Shoes 

When working out what to pack for Cabo, if snorkeling is on your to-do list, then pack in some water or reef shoes. These will protect your feet from the deceptively sharp rocks and reefs or accidentally stepping on a sea urchin – ouch!

Bathing Suits 

Pack a variety of bathing suits and swimsuits for your trip to Cabo so you always have a dry bathing suit to wear while the others are hanging out to dry. 

Beach Coverups 

For the ladies, beach coverups like sarongs, shorts and kaftans are great to throw on to walk around town or your resort. If you’re itching for another Mojito, throw on your coverup and mosey on over to the bar for that refill! 

Smart Clothes 

Some of the all-inclusive resort restaurants have a dress code as do some of the fancier restaurants in town. Ladies should pack in a couple of dresses while gents should take along a few button-up, collared shirts. You’ll also use these stylish outfits if you’ll be joining in on the vibrant nightlife across the town. 

Portable Charger 

A dead phone battery is a real killjoy, especially if you were hoping to catch some snippets of your day for Instagram! The solution to avoiding a dead battery is to pack a portable charger that you can keep with you in your bag when you’re in town or on excursions. Just be sure to keep the charger charged!


A cap, sun hat or visor are essential items when working out what to pack for Cabo. 


Again, don’t leave home without a decent sunscreen. Sure, you can buy from your hotel shop but trust us, it’s going to be much cheaper to buy it from your local drugstore back home. 

Aftersun Lotion 

Aloe vera gel or special aftersun lotion are always a good idea when visiting a sun-soaked town like Cabo to prevent painful sunburn. 

Light Jacket 

Evenings can get a little cooler, particularly from December through February so a light jacket to wear at night is recommended. A lot of the restaurants and bars are outdoors so don’t sit under the stars shivering (not that it gets cold enough!), pack the jacket!

Activated Charcoal 

While almost all resorts and restaurants have water purification systems installed, you never know whether you’ll get the dreaded travel belly or pick up a bug. Stop upset stomachs and vomiting in their tracks with activated charcoal pills. Take at the first sign of discomfort and follow dosage instructions. Literally a life (and holiday) saver!

Rash Vest

For surfing, paddleboarding and kayaking, wearing a rash guard is a good idea. It’s also a good idea if you’ve got lily white skin that never gets to see the sun, keep yourself protected from overexposure to the sun!

Beach Bag

A beach bag or backpack is an important part of your packing list when choosing what to pack for Cabo, especially if you’ll be doing a lot of excursions and day trips. 

What to pack for Cabo: leave these behind! 


Jeans are just too hot and uncomfortable in that Mexican humidity – leave behind! 

Expensive Jewellery 

Flashy jewellery can make you a target for thieves. You also just won’t need it when you’re either on the beach or in the water all day. 

Refillable Water Bottle

Don’t drink the tap water in Mexico, even the locals don’t. Stick to bottled water only.


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