Best Time To Visit Cancun

When is the Best Time To Visit Cancun? There’s just so much to love about Cancun. Its white sandy beaches, glistening turquoise ocean and hours on end of beautiful sunny days are just some of the reasons it remains a popular vacation destination. Cancun is frequented by all kinds of travelers, from families to honeymooners, backpackers and groups of friends. When planning a beach vacation to this tropical paradise, the thing on most peoples minds is the best time to visit Cancun during the year. The answer might surprise you! 

Are you ready for it? The best time to visit Cancun depends on what you want to get out of your vacation! Are you going for parties? Good weather? Whale watching? Deals? Those will determine which time of the year is best for you to visit. 

Best time to visit Cancun for great weather

What's the Best Time to Visit Cancun for Great Weather?
What’s the Best Time to Visit Cancun for Great Weather?

The best weather in Cancun falls over high season which extends from December through April. The crowds may be thicker and yes, prices are at their highest. But the weather during this period truly is spectacular. Days are warm and sunny but not like in summer. It’s a comfortable warmth with less humidity. 

This also happens to be Cancun’s dry season so there is very little rainfall. That means clear skies for sailing, snorkeling and hiking!

If your goal is to get in some out of this world snorkeling, then this is the best time to visit Cancun. The water is exceptionally clear during this time due to the lack of rainfall so you’ve got a window to the world below you. The coral reefs around the hotel zone are largely dead because of the boat traffic and pollution, so taking a short ferry ride out to Isla Mujeres or Cozumel is well worth it. Both locations have vibrant, thriving reefs that are a snorkeling paradise. 

We’d highly recommend booking a snorkeling tour. This one is a full day experience starting with a cruise and progressing to snorkeling at the underwater museum, touring the island and a buffet lunch. Well worth the fee! 

Best time to visit Cancun for parties 

What's the Best Time to Visit Cancun for the Parties?
What’s the Best Time to Visit Cancun for the Parties?

If you’re not a spring breaker but are still looking for a party then December and early January are the best time to visit Cancun. With the festive season in full swing there is a celebratory atmosphere in the air. Nightclubs and bars are buzzing with throngs of revelers with tons of drinks specials, beach parties and live music to keep you entertained. 

For students, spring break draws the biggest crowd of partygoers from March through April. Expect to find daily parties on the beach, at bars and at nightclubs. Often international artists and DJs will perform at the various events making for some unforgettable entertainment. This isn’t the best time to visit Cancun if you are on honeymoon or traveling with kids. The beaches are crowded with students and generally dirty from all day partying. 

Best time to visit Cancun for whale sharks and sea turtles

Getting to see nature up close and personal is a truly unbeatable experience. Nature lovers will want to visit Cancun between July and August for guaranteed sightings of the endangered whale shark. Often spotted together in pods, these magnificent marine creatures will certainly leave you in awe. 

Between July and December, baby sea turtles make their way into the ocean…a heartwarming sight! There are a number of conservation programs you can get involved in to help protect the eggs from predators or guide the sweet baby turtles towards the sea. 

Best time to visit Cancun for good deals 

Who doesn’t love a good deal? During high season, Cancun can seem a little out of reach for travelers on a budget, particularly those desiring a stay at one of Cancun’s luxe all-inclusive resorts. The good news is that there are excellent deals on accommodation from July until November. This falls under Cancun’s rainy season, with the latter 3 months dovetailing with hurricane season. 

Hold on! Before you give up on trying to get a good deal, hurricanes are very rare in Cancun. Yes, it does rain a bit more during this period but hurricanes have only occurred twice in the past 30 years. Your odds of experiencing a hurricane during your stay are overall very low. 

Attractions like the ancient ruins and main beaches are not crowded so can be enjoyed in peace! The only downside is that some restaurants and tour operators change their operating hours or shut down all together during this time. Check your desired tours are still going ahead during these months.

Best time to visit Cancun with kids 

Traveling with kids adds a whole new dimension to vacations! Crowded beaches and queuing for hours to get into attractions doesn’t bode well for families with kids. Little ones just don’t have the patience to cope! April up until the end of June is the best time to visit Cancun as a family. Hotels are cheaper, crowds have thinned out and the weather is superb for fun activities like snorkeling, kitesurfing, visiting adventure parks or exploring the ancient ruins. 

Shoulder season which includes April, May, November and mid-December is generally considered the best time to visit Cancun. The weather is great, rainfall is low, fares are reasonable and the crowds have significantly thinned out. 

The Verdict

As you’ll gather, the best time to visit Cancun largely depends on your end goal. If escaping the cold back home for warm sunny weather is your goal, December through April is a must. However if the thought of crowds gives you anxiety, then visiting during the rainy season makes more sense. You’ll also strike a bargain with some pretty grand deals! The most kid-friendly time spans from April to June whilst December through January turns Cancun into a party paradise that is definitely not a suitable time for kids to tag along! 

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