Cabo Weather In February

Cabo Weather In February: When deciding on the best time of the year to visit the resort town of Cabo, many people look at the weather to guide their decision. Winters in Mexico are very different to what is experienced in the Northern Hemisphere, especially areas that experience extreme cold and snow. Locals will consider 73°C a cold day in Cabo and joke that they need to bring out their coats and jackets. That would be very welcome weather in colder regions when it’s snowing out and everyone is bundled up in thick jackets!

With that being said, February is a popular time of the year to travel with the crush of tourists over the holiday season having left and special occasions like Valentine’s Day on the calendar. The main concern travelers have is Cabo weather in February and whether it is warm enough. 

Cabo Weather in February: Is it cold?

Cabo's Weather in February: Perfect for the Beach
Cabo’s Weather in February: Perfect for the Beach

February is one of the coolest months of the year but by no means is it cold. The Cabo weather in February is pretty warm and pleasant by most standards with daytime highs reaching around 77°F and dipping to about 66°F in the evenings – both very mild. There is little to no cloud cover during February so expect clear, sunny skies most days. Rainfall only occurs once or twice during the whole month and when it does showers are short and light.

Days are warm enough to enjoy the beach, watersports and other outdoor activities without getting too hot. You might want to throw a light jacket over your shoulders in the evenings when the temperature dips a little once the sun goes down. The sea water temperature is around 72°F so a little chillier but still pleasant to swim in. You also could spot baby humpback whales in February, they are very active at this time of the year in Cabo. 

Cabo Weather in February: Best Activities 

Playa del Amor in Cabo in February
Playa del Amor in Cabo in February

The mild, sunny Cabo weather in February makes all outdoor activities and tours much more pleasant. The heat and humidity during the summer months can be pretty hard to handle while the rainy season can be equally miserable. The weather in February is just right – not too hot and not too cold – so you’re in for a treat. 

Whale Watching Cruise 

The cooler sea temperatures attract both Grey Whales and Humpback whales to the area. What’s more is that February is calving season, so you can expect to see lots of adorable baby whales! Do yourself a favor and book a whale watching cruise. Your guide will take you to the perfect location for sightings and point out the different species of whales. Be sure to take a camera and binoculars to capture the moment. 

Sunset Stroll and Cocktails 

If you’re in Cabo during the month of love with your partner, turn up the romance with a relaxing sunset stroll along the beach and cocktails on the hotel viewing deck as you watch the sun go down over the turquoise Sea of Cortez. Bliss. 

Swim at Playa del Amor 

Also known as Lover’s Beach, February is the perfect month to take a dip in the sparkling blue water. If you want to add a little luxury to the experience, the Cabo weather in February makes for the perfect cruise conditions. Head out on a two-hour cruise on a luxury catamaran to the smooth sounds of live jazz. Snack on gourmet appetizers and sip champagne as you sail past iconic landmarks like Lover’s Beach. 

Camel Safari 

Yup, a camel safari is a thing in Cabo! Explore the Baja desert and take in the natural beauty and culture of the area. Your tour also includes an interactive taco-making lesson along with tequila tasting. 

Food Tour 

Foodies can rejoice because Cabo has tours designed for travelers just like you! Join a fun food tour and get to sample a bunch of local dishes like shrimp tacos, tamales and more, with some surprise dishes thrown in as a twist! Drinks are also included in some of the tours so expect a tequila (or two) along the journey!


Because of the great Cabo weather in February, no rainfall means great visibility for snorkeling. Cabo Pulmo is the place to go for an underwater adventure, often referred to as the ‘Aquarium of the World’ and home to over 300 different kinds of fish. Unleash your inner mermaid or merman and spend a couple of hours exploring the extraordinary world that lies under the sea. 

Events in Cabo in February

Popular Events in Cabo in February
Popular Events in Cabo in February

Now that you know what to expect from Cabo weather in February, you can start to plan all the fun things you can do while you’re there. There are a number of local events that run annually in February that you should definitely check out if you’re in town. 

San Jose Jazz Festival: the San Jose Jazz Weekend is an annual event that takes place close to Valentine’s Day. The two evenings of live jazz feature local and international acts and take place at Plaza El Pescador in the hotel zone. 

Todos Santos Open Studios Tour: Todos Santos is a charming town about an hour away from Cabo known for its beautiful art galleries. For two days in February, local artists open their studios up to the public to tour. Admission is free. 

Carnaval: this family-friendly six day festival often features parades, floats, dancing and food stalls, attracting large crowds of people. There is a small Carnaval celebration in downtown Cabo, with the main festival taking place in La Paz, 2 hours north. 

Cabo weather in February is very mild and pleasant compared to much of the Northern Hemisphere at this time of year. Clear skies and warm sunny days make activities like swimming, hiking, whale watching cruises and outdoor adventure activities possible, without the sweltering heat of summer. There are also some fun cultural events in town during February that you’ll enjoy taking part in if you’re around when they’re on. 

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