Best Time To Visit Cabo: 7 Factors to Consider

Best Time To Visit Cabo: Cabo first got on the global travel map in the 1970s when Hollywood’s elite “discovered” this Mexican gem. Slowly but surely more and more luxury resorts opened up and when it’s international airport opened in the 1980s, Cabo became a premiere vacation destination for the rich and famous.

There’s no doubt Cabo is an opulent town, boasting sprawling green golf courses and luxury beach villas. However the elitist crowd that once frequented the town is now well mixed with the likes of families and students from all walks of life. As such a popular destination, many wonder when the best time to visit Cabo is. That depends on what kind of holiday you are hoping to have!

The resort city is famous for its rocky outcrops, sparkling sapphire Sea of Cortez and golden-white sand beaches. A wide range of water sports, underwater marvels and great surfing conditions make Cabo a popular destination for adventure-seeking travelers. But when is the best time to visit Cabo?  

Best Time To Visit Cabo For Good Weather

Cabo San Lucas Weather
Cabo San Lucas Weather

If toasty, warm days with plenty of sunshine are what you imagine your days in Cabo to look like, then the best time to visit Cabo would be from June to mid-July and mid-October to mid-December. Not only are these quieter times to visit, they also offer tourists some of the best weather of the year. April and May experience the least rainfall as the driest months of the year, but can be busy months to visit because of Spring Break. 

August and September are the rainy months, so there’s a higher chance of your planned activities being rained out. Many restaurants and tour operators actually shut down over this period because it is such a quiet time of the year they’ll run at a loss. From June to October the temperatures hang around 30°C most days. 

Best Time To Visit Cabo For Surfing

Are you heading to Cabo for it’s great surfing? Then the best time to visit Cabo and catch a wave is from June to August. Old Man’s, Zippers and The Rock beaches are all great for surfing so be sure to check them all out during your stay. 

Best Time To Visit Cabo For Snorkeling 

For the best snorkeling and diving experiences, the best time to visit Cabo is during October and November. Water visibility is at its clearest giving you an unfiltered view of the marine life beneath you including colorful fish and sea turtles. You’ve also got a very good chance of spotting whale sharks as they begin to start their annual migration. 

Best Time To Visit Cabo For Families 

When traveling with kids, you’d want to avoid heavy crowds and rain. That makes your best bet between May and July, once the Spring Break crowds have cleared off and before the rainy season begins. As we mentioned above, a lot of the attractions, tour operators and restaurants close during the rainy season so the kids may be disappointed to miss out on a lot of the fun activities Cabo has to offer.

Further to that, the days are very humid and sometimes very uncomfortable to be outdoors and who wants to hide out inside when you’re on a beach vacation? Avoiding Spring Break when visiting with kids is also a no-brainer. The town is littered and noisy during March and April, with the wild parties carrying on until the sun comes up. 

Best Time To Visit Cabo To Avoid Crowds 

When is Cabo Least Crowded?
When is Cabo Least Crowded?

When we mention Cabo’s rainy season, the reality is that the average chance of rainfall is 18%. That means despite the odd day of rainfall, there are still many sunny days during August and September. If avoiding crowds is your goal, this is the best time to visit Cabo. Beaches, restaurants and bars will be virtually deserted so it’ll be like having the place to yourself!

The downside is that many attractions are closed to the public so you may miss out on certain activities like visiting the ruins and zip lining over this time. If adventure isn’t your thing then that’s no problem! You can relax in peace and quiet enjoying your hotel’s amenities and the beaches. 

Best Time To Visit Cabo To Save Money

Looking to travel to Cabo on a budget? Then May through September is the best time to visit Cabo with some incredible discounts at popular resorts. Cabo is very affordable to visit at this time of year with some of the most luxe resorts within reach. November through mid-December also have some decent deals but not nearly as cheap as low season. 

Best Time To Visit Cabo For Outdoor Exploring 

When to Visit Cabo for Outdoor Adventures
When to Visit Cabo for Outdoor Adventures

If you cannot wait to explore Cabo’s natural wonders including hiking along the Sierra de la Laguna trails, ziplining, ATV adventures and cycling through the San Jose Estuary, then December through February is the best time to visit Cabo. While days are cooler than during summer, the temperatures are very comfortable for spending extended periods of time outdoors and rainfall is unlikely. 

Cabo Travel Seasons

High Season (December – April): sunseekers flock to Cabo in winter to avoid the cold in favor of warmer, sunny weather. This is a great time to spot Humpback Whales and Whale Sharks as they migrate to the area for winter. It is a good time for families to travel, especially if the weather back home is icy cold. 

Low Season (July – September): this is the best time to visit Cabo for huge discounts on hotels and for virtually deserted beaches. Cabo is a ghost town during low season, so it’ll feel like you’ve got the whole place to yourself. 

Shoulder Season (May – June & October – November): often considered the best time to visit Cabo hands down is during shoulder season. You can still find good deals on hotels and there are much less people than during high season. The weather is also superb at both these times of the year. 

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