Tulum In January: Weather, Things to do, and More

Tulum in January: Tulum is a coastal town along Mexico’s Riviera Maya that is rich in cultural, archaeological and natural attractions. Its lush tropical jungles, limestone cenotes and ancient ruins are among some of the town’s biggest draws. As many folk up North seek to escape the bitter cold winters, Tulum’s warm coastal climate offers the perfect reprieve from the cold.

Visiting Tulum in January is a popular time of the year with Christmas celebrations over and many seeking to start the new year off on a high note. What better way to do just that than in a beautiful tropical paradise like Tulum? From the festive atmosphere and great weather to superb snorkeling and diving conditions, there are so many reasons to love visiting Tulum in January!

Crowds and Atmosphere in Tulum in January

Tulum in January: What to Expect
Tulum in January: What to Expect

January is in the thick of Tulum’s high season, so you can expect heavier crowds and resorts near capacity. Popular attractions like Chichen Itza and the adventure parks will be at capacity so it is vital to plan ahead and book your spot beforehand. If you arrive on the day hoping to get into the most popular attractions you will leave disappointed. Crowds do start to thin out towards the end of January when normal work schedules have resumed after the holidays. 

The general atmosphere in Tulum in January is very laid-back, celebratory and happy. Everyone tends to be in high spirits after the recent Christmas period and start of the new year. 

Tulum in January has the best weather 

Tulum in January has by far some of the best weather in the whole year! There is plenty of sunshine and very little rain – every beach vacationer’s dream! The daytime temperatures in January are lovely and warm with evenings being comfortable and not too cool. 

The average temperature in January is 80.1°F with the lowest daytime temperatures dipping to a still pleasant 69.4°F. 

January is the best time for sightseeing 

Tulum in January: January is the Perfect Time to Explore Tulum's Famous Sites
Tulum in January: January is the Perfect Time to Explore Tulum’s Famous Sites

Besides the beautiful beaches and gloriously warm temperatures, most tourists visit Tulum to explore the lush jungle and ancient Mayan ruins. The great news is January falls within one of the best times of the year for sightseeing in Tulum. The dry, warm days and scant chance of rain make the days absolutely perfect for exploring all that Tulum has to offer. The humidity during the summer months can be suffocating while the rainfall during the rainy season can really put a damper on the day’s activities, so January is the perfect time to go for optimal beach and sightseeing conditions. 

Tulum in January is the best time for diving 

Those beautiful turquoise Caribbean Sea waters along Tulum’s coastline are another reason many tourists choose to visit the historical town. Diving, swimming and snorkeling are among the most popular tourist activities in Tulum and January is one of the best months for these watersports. While the water temperatures are at their lowest, they are still at a comfortable 78.8°F. If you’re planning on snorkeling in Tulum in January, the great news is that because it is the dry season, the visibility is at its best. You can literally see straight through that crystal clear water with unobstructed views of the vibrant aquatic life inhabiting the reefs. 

Explore the Caribbean Sea and the fascinating Mayan ruins in one go with the popular Tulum Ruins and Snorkeling tour, operated by Yalku Tours. First you will visit some of Tulum’s most famous ancient ruins with views that stretch far and wide across the glistening Caribbean Sea. Thereafter, you’ll visit the beautiful Akumal Beach where you can spot Sea Turtles and explore the crystal clear waters with a snorkeling tour. 

Tulum in January has great nightlife

Tulum's Nightlife is Great in January
Tulum’s Nightlife is Great in January

December and January are the best months of the year to visit Tulum if you’re looking for a lively atmosphere and thriving nightlife. Clubs and bars are pumping and packed with throngs of partygoers, often staying open until after 4am. The general mood and atmosphere at this time of the year is very festive and celebratory without the wild element that Spring Break season brings. Most bars and nightclubs in Tulum only accept cash and Mexican pesos at that, so be sure to go out prepared! 

Best Bars and Clubs in Tulum

Casa Jaguar: nestled in the jungle near the middle beach zone, Casa Jaguar is a trendy and upscale bar that hosts its famous Thursday night jungle parties from 11pm, featuring the best local DJs and sometimes international talent. 

Batey: as one of Tulum’s most beloved bars, this laidback bar is open all day with a livelier atmosphere in the evenings when the live music starts. Be sure to try the fresh and fruit mojitos!

Gitano: the stylish restaurant transforms into a party paradise on a Friday night with a moody mezcal bar to keep you hydrated, a dance floor under a canopy of trees and the thumping beats of top local DJs. 

The Mulberry Project at La Zebra Hotel: the beach bar has a fabulous selection of signature cocktails and a vibey salsa dancing night every Sunday from 6:30pm. 

If warm, sunny weather and near-perfect visibility is what you are after, then a trip to Tulum to escape the winter cold is a no brainer. It is also a great month to visit for travelers looking to enjoy the town’s vibrant nightlife and bar scene with regular jungle parties to keep celebratory moods high. It is more crowded than during some other months of the year, however this can be mitigated by booking tours in advance. Visiting Tulum in January does have its drawbacks but overall, it is a great month to travel. 

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