Cancun Weather In March

Cancun Weather in March: Are you planning a trip to Cancun in March and wondering what kind of weather you can expect? This is most travelers biggest worry because bad weather can really ruin a much anticipated holiday. February is considered the driest month of the year, closely followed by March, so humidity levels are at their lowest. Say farewell to breakouts and frizzy hair when you visit Cancun in March. The Cancun weather in March is incredibly pleasant with sunny skies and temperatures ramping up as summer approaches. 

Cancun Weather in March

Cancun's Hotel Zone in March
Cancun’s Hotel Zone in March

The weather in March is pretty fantastic. Rainfall is minimal with on average less than one day of rainfall in a week that passes very quickly and is normally just a light shower. With on average 3 days of rain in the whole month, the likelihood of rain spoiling your vacation or outdoor activities is minimal. 

Average high temperatures are around 86°F with the lowest temperatures reaching a moderate 72°F. Of the 31 days in March, on average 26 days enjoy temperatures of over 80°F. 

The ocean starts to warm up considerably in March and by the end of the month you’ll be surprised to find the sea water is the same temperature as your resort’s heated swimming pool! 

The skies are generally clear with almost 10 hours of sunshine a day. 

Cancun weather in March is perfect for tourism 

Cancun in March: Beautiful Weather and Plenty to do
Cancun in March: Beautiful Weather and Plenty to do

Imagine planning a day on the beach or a hike only for it to be ruined by gloomy skies and rain. That is not something you’ll have to worry about when you visit Cancun during March. The clear skies and minimal rainfall make March perfect for tourism. 

Soak up the sun and top of your tan with lazy days lying on the beach with a good book and an endless stream of cocktails. Despite relatively hot days, the gentle breezes will keep you cool. As will the shade of the many palm trees and palapas. 

The warm ocean temperatures make excellent conditions for swimming, snorkeling and diving. Water visibility is also clear so spotting fish and marine life in the reefs is crystal clear. Other popular water-based activities like sailing, paddling and windsurfing are also great at this time of the year. The lagoon that separates downtown from the hotel zone mirrors the sky and is frequented by paddlers looking for a relaxing morning out on the water. 

All outdoor adventure activities like hiking, ATV tours, golf and zip lining are very pleasant during March when the weather is playing ball. Cancun is made up of areas of lush jungle which attracts some fascinating birdlife to the area, a bird watchers dream. 

Some of the best things to do to take advantage advantage of the Cancun weather in March include: 

  • Swimming and snorkeling in the limestone cenotes (basically water-filled giant sinkholes) 
  • Visit the historical city and Mayan ruins in Tulum 
  • Explore Chichen Itza, Cancun’s archaeological site 
  • Head down to the majestic Nichupte’ lagoon and do some paddleboarding 
  • Take a day trip to Isla Mujeres and cruise around the azure waters 

While more of an indoor activity, we’d highly recommend spending some time exploring the local shopping malls, craft fairs and galleries. There is a great selection of clothing, shoes, bags and trinkets you don’t want to miss out on seeing. 

What to expect in Cancun in March 

Ok, now for the bad news. The Cancun weather in March is fantastic so it’s no wonder that thousands of tourists flock to Cancun in March. A number of those tourists are made up of students celebrating Spring Break. In March, parties rage all day and night in popular resorts and beach clubs. If your goal is to party during your stay in Cancun, say for a bachelor or bachelorette party, this is the perfect time to visit. 

Finding a party venue won’t be a problem with a party on almost every corner. For those who want to find a quiet and relaxing place to vacation while in Cancun, there are still plenty of adults-only and intimate boutique resorts across Cancun where a tranquil atmosphere is always fostered. 

Events in Cancun in March 

What to do in Cancun in March
What to do in Cancun in March

With the perfect Cancun weather in March, taking advantage of the many events across the city is all the more enjoyable. The biggest Spring Break event is Inception Fest, one of the biggest music festivals in the world. It starts at the beginning of March and lasts for the duration of the month. The festival’s parties take place day and night in bars and clubs across Cancun. Daytime parties are generally on the beach, with night time parties moving to the bars and clubs. 

The annual food and wine festival also takes place in March and lasts for 5 days. The festival includes cooking demos, competitions, winemaking, wine tasting and celebrity chef appearances among other events. For dates and ticket information, visit the food and wine festival website

The Spring Equinox takes place on March 20th every year with a special event being held at Chichen Itza, a world-famous archaeological site and one of the seven wonders of the world. The party celebrates the official start of spring. Want to avoid crowds? Visit Chichen Itza 2 days before or after the 20th when the crowds have cleared off. 

Don’t forget that travel insurance is always a must when traveling abroad. Unfortunately people do get sick and injured while on vacation and you’ll want decent travel insurance to cover private medical care. With Covid-19 still very much present, travel insurance does safeguard you against last minute travel changes and so forth. 

The verdict is out. The Cancun weather in March is close to perfect with sunny skies and warm days and nights. Minimal rainfall and less humidity make outdoor activities pleasant while warm sea temperatures are great for swimming and snorkeling. 

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