Reasons To Visit Tulum in December

Tulum in December: Further down the coast from popular Cancun lies the laid-back beach town of Tulum, rich in natural beauty and beautifully preserved history. The once walled off city is famous for it’s well-preserved ancient Mayan ruins, the largest one being El Castillo, which towers above the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Take in the natural beauty of the lush mangroves and limestone cenotes while exploring archaeological sites and mystical caves. The million dollar question is whether visiting Tulum in December is a good idea? 

Often tourists are hesitant to book a vacation to Tulum in December, wondering whether the town will be too crowded with other travelers or if the weather will be warm enough. Consider your worries dispelled! December is a great time to vacation in Tulum. 

Weather in Tulum in December is Great 

Tulum in December: Great Beach Weather
Tulum in December: Great Beach Weather

The weather in December is some of the best weather of the year. Skies are clear, it’s sunny and the sea is at its most pleasant temperatures. During December, daytime temperatures are around 83°F and don’t tend to exceed 88°F which is a comfortable temperature range for outdoor activities and lazing on the beach. The summer heat in Tulum can be unbearable so these moderately warm December temperatures are a win for tourists. 

With hurricane season being a thing of the past by December, rainfall is minimal. When it does rain, showers are light and fleeting, with skies clearing again quickly. 

Crowds and Costs in Tulum in December 

The first two weeks in December are quiet before tourists from North America and Canada tend to pour in for their Christmas vacation. You’ll find some great deals on hotels up until mid-December and then peak season prices tend to cause a sharp increase in rates. 

From the 15th of December, beaches and popular tourist spots will also start to be more crowded, however Tulum isn’t as crowded as Cancun or Cabo during December and interestingly enough, January to April is a busier time in Tulum than December. It is a lively time of the year to visit with a very festive atmosphere in bars and restaurants around town. 

Things to do in Tulum in December 

What to do in Tulum in December
What to do in Tulum in December

Delve into ancient history 

There are incredible ancient Mayan ruins in Tulum. El Castillo immediately draws you in as the so-called centrepiece in the archeological site. In 1842 it was sketched completely overrun by the surrounding jungle but a clean up project began in 1910 to reveal the El Castillo you see today.  

Temple of the Frescoes is another well-known historical building in Tulum. The two-storey building dates back to the 11th century featuring important religious and social murals, sculptures and archaeological elements.  

The Temple of the Descending God was built atop another temple with a narrow staircase leading up to a single door. Above the door you will spot an upside down male figure, the reason for this building’s name. 

LabnaHa Eco Park 

The LabnaHa Cenotes and Eco Park is often referred to as the Magic Mayan World, surrounded by lush jungle and lying atop historically sacred land. Start your adventure through the park with an exhilarating zip line into the entrance of the Sacred Lakes where you can embark on a kayak tour. Take a dip in the Cenotes with an unmatched and magical snorkeling tour in these limestone sinkholes or simply just float and swim around these magnificent natural phenomena. Don’t forget to ask your guide about the diverse flora and fauna that you won’t spot anywhere else!

Cenote Dos Ojos 

If you’re looking for one of the best Cenotes to explore in Tulum in December, look no further than Cenote Dos Ojos. This natural wonder is an underwater haven with crystal clear water, unbelievable rock formations and a sense of absolute tranquility. Swim through the bends and curves of the stalagmites and stalactites for a magical experience you’ll cherish forever. 

Where to eat in Tulum in December 

Best Places to Eat in Tulum in December
Best Places to Eat in Tulum in December

Part of the fun of visiting a new place is trying the local food! When you visit Tulum in December, be sure to grab a bite at some of Tulum’s most loved restaurants. 

Taqueria Honorio 

A mere 3km from the archaeological site, Taqueria Honorio is a laid-back restaurant serving traditional Mexican cuisine and to-die-for quesadillas and tacos. Their signature dish is a traditional and delicious take on the classic cochinita pibil, a must-try!


ARCA is a contemporary and open-air restaurant nestled in amongst the Tulum jungle. By night, the atmosphere is very dreamy and the food is out of this world. Much care is put into plating meals in an artistic and creative way because of course, we also eat with our eyes! The soft shell crab taco is a popular dish, as are the coconut fish and pork appetizers. 

Bal Nak’ 

Bal Nak’ offers diners a great variety of dishes and an idyllic setting amongst the jungle. The restaurant prides itself on using local ingredients in all dishes with a focus on creative presentation and a true feast for the eyes. The grilled octopus comes highly rated, followed by an apricot and gin cocktail. Be sure to book in advance to avoid missing out on this special dining experience. 

Now that you have a good idea of what to do and where to eat, all that’s left to do is book your trip to Tulum in December. Soak up the sun and clear skies, visit sites that are rich in history or natural beauty and finish it all off with some of the finest dining you’ll ever experience, all set in a magical jungle atmosphere. 

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