Cozumel in December: What To Expect & Things To Do

Cozumel in December: Cozumel is a largely undeveloped island off the eastern coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. It is characterized by lush tropical vegetation, beautiful white sand beaches and the crystal clear azure waters of the Caribbean Sea. It is both rich in history and natural wonders, which makes it a popular vacation destination for travelers looking to migrate to warmer climes during the winter holiday season. Visiting Cozumel in December means you’re in for warm weather, little threat of rain and fun local events to celebrate the holidays in style. 

December is the height of high season in Cozumel so the island is busier than usual but by no means overcrowded, especially compared to it’s popular neighbors! The main roads and ferry ports downtown are generally the most crowded areas but only during rush hour as locals commute to work and cruise ships dock. The rest of the day, you’ll hardly notice the other vacationers around you. 

Weather in Cozumel in December

Cozumel in December: Clear Skies and Great Weather
Cozumel in December: Clear Skies and Great Weather

December is the start of Cozumel’s dry season with warm, sunny weather on most days. Some days the temperature will be around 83℉ with the lowest temperature ranging around a mild 68.5°F. The heat index, or “real feel” temperature is around 93°F, taking into account the relative humidity of around 83% and air temperature in its calculations. 

Rainfall in Cozumel in December is minimal, with an average of only 9 days of rainfall or 106mm of recorded rainfall. When it does rain, showers are light and over quickly so don’t cancel tours at the first sight of clouds. Chances are the skies will already be clear again by the time your tour sets off. 

Sea temperatures linger at a warm 80°F which is considered within the range of pleasant and comfortable conditions for swimming, snorkeling and diving. 

Cozumel enjoys an average of 11 hours of daylight during December, which is surprisingly the shortest period of sunlight throughout the year. This is however much more sunshine than is experienced in regions like Canada and the UK during the same time period. 

Things To Do in Cozumel in December

Cozumel in December: Activities and Events
Cozumel in December: Activities and Events

The hot days and sunshine during December provide visitors with so many choices when it comes to planning activities and luckily doesn’t place many limitations on what can and can’t be done. 

Go Diving 

Cozumel is one of the world’s premiere and most highly-rated diving locations, largely due to its diverse marine life and glassy blue water. However, diving in Cozumel in December is an experience in and of itself…in fact it’s one of the best times of the year for diving. The spotted eagle ray hangs out in the reefs over December and is a thrilling sighting. In addition to that you’ll be able to spot sea turtles and the endemic toadfish, along with marine creatures common to the area such as the nurse shark, rainbow parrotfish and giant Caribbean lobster. 

Take Kayaking To The Next Level 

Certain operators in Cozumel offer clear kayaks, giving you a whole new way to spot the sea creatures swimming below and beside you as you paddle through the clear blue Caribbean waters. A popular tour starts with paddling in the special see-through kayaks and then hopping into the water to snorkel and explore the reefs below you. The tour ends with drinks and fresh fruit at a swanky beach club. 

Discover Ancient History

Besides beaches and lush tropical jungles, Cozumel also has fascinating museums and archaeological sites. Cozumel Island Museum houses important religious and historical artifacts in a charming 1930s era building. 

7km east of the town, you will find the San Gervasio archaeological site, home to ancient Mayan ruins, which you can take a brief but interesting tour through.

Indulge in a Farm To Table Food Tour 

The best way to sample the local cuisine in Cozumel in December, is through an authentic farm to table food experience. This involves visiting a stunning local farmhouse and interacting with your private chef who will tell you about the ingredients, flavors and cooking processes. 

If that’s not your vibe, there are plenty of food tours and spirit tastings you can book instead. 

Hop Behind the Wheel of a Beach Buggy 

If you’ve got an adventurous spirit but don’t want to be part of a group tour, opt to rent a beach buggy for the day and do a self-drive tour around Cozumel. Explore the sand dunes, El Cedral ancient ruins and cool off snorkeling in the famous SkyReef. 

Events in Cozumel in December 

The primary holiday celebration in Cozumel, much like in many other Mexican towns and island communities, is on Christmas Eve. At the beginning of December, shops, restaurants and the main streets and parks start putting up beautiful decorations for the holidays. The Palacio Municipal park often has a light display, banners and life-sized village scene for all to enjoy. 

On December 12th, the island celebrates Our Lady of Guadalupe Day with large processions of people making their way through town to their places of worship. The processions get right of way so steer clear of the main town on this holy day. 

The warm, sunny weather in Cozumel in December gives you such flexibility in planning your itinerary for your trip. There really are no activities you need to avoid during December, however if you pick popular tours be sure to book well in advance. The same goes for reservations to popular restaurants in the area, especially closer to the week of Christmas and New Year. Diving during December is a must as conditions are at their prime and give divers a truly magical experience. Other than that, December is a wonderful time of the year to relax on the beach, sipping one too many mojitos and enjoying the balmy weather. 

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