Cabo in January: 6 Things To Do & What To Pack

Ah, beautiful Cabo San Lucas! With it’s white beaches as soft and white as sugar, the glistening turquoise ocean and the eye-popping resorts, Cabo keeps us coming back for more time and again. Located on the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula, this tropical gem is well-known and loved by visitors from all over the world. 

Cabo is deliciously warm and great to visit all year round, especially for tourists from colder climates, but there are a couple of months that the heat is so stifling it can make merely stepping outdoors unpleasant. That’s why Cabo in January is actually one of the better months to visit with super pleasant and mild weather. 

January is however still a very popular month for tourists to visit so it can be busy and more crowded than at other times of the year, so keep that in mind when planning your itinerary as you’ll want to book tours in advance. 

Weather in Cabo in January 

Cabo in January: Warm Weather and Clear Skies
Cabo in January: Warm Weather and Clear Skies

Many visitors from North America, Canada, the UK and Europe flock to Cabo in January to escape the icy cold weather in their homelands. Cabo stays pretty warm for much of winter, so those tired of being snowed in choose to thaw out and kick off the new year in Cabo. 

January is in fact one of the coolest months in Cabo, however for everyone but the locals, the weather is still warm. Average daytime temperatures are 66℉ with highs of up to 80℉, making for comfortable conditions for the beach, hiking, zip lining and other outdoor activities. So don’t fret, you’ll be warm enough to doze off in the sun or read a book while swaying in a beachside hammock. Rain is practically unheard of in Cabo in January and if it does rain showers are over quickly and then its clear skies ahead once again. 

Water temperatures in January linger at around 73℉ which is cooler than normal but still pleasant for swimming and snorkeling. You may want to check that your hotel has heated pools as pool water temperatures tend to be cooler than sea temperatures which can make a dip in the pool a little chilly!

6 Things to do in Cabo in January 

Cabo in January: Plenty to Do
Cabo in January: Plenty to Do

The mild weather makes planning outdoor activities for your visit to Cabo in January a great idea. Here are some fun activities you can look forward to doing. 


Are you a bit of a thrill-seeker? Then there’s no better way to see the views and landscapes of Cabo than on the Wild Canyon Park zipline! Fly through the canyon on zip lines extending as long as 2600 feet, solo or with your travel buddies. The most popular zipline adventure is the  1-day pass to the Wild Canyon Adventure Park which includes unlimited zip lining, an adrenaline boosting bungee jump and camel rides amongst other fun activities. 

Horseback Riding

Cabo is a beautiful location for horseback riding along the beach, in the desert or along the many hiking trails. Horseback riding is a great way to take in the beautiful scenery while also engaging in a fun, memorable activity. 

ATV Tours 

Baja is known for its desert-like, rocky landscapes which are the perfect conditions for a thrilling ATV or UTV tour! Explore the desert oasis on a side-by-side UTV, all you’ll need is a valid driver’s license to take part in this one. So pop on your goggles, buckle up and get ready for a fantastically bumpy ride!


There’s nothing worse than being on a golf course when it’s very hot and humid. The mild and comfortable weather in Cabo in January makes it the perfect time to explore and enjoy some of Cabo’s best golf courses. Cabo has several world-class golf courses with incredible views of the Sea of Cortez. One of the most popular courses for beginners and experienced golfers alike is Cabo San Lucas Country Club, an 18-hole course spanning across 200 acres of beautifully maintained land. 

Whale Watching 

Cabo enjoys whale season between December and April as whales migrate to warmer waters for breeding season. Visiting Cabo in January means you’re in town during prime whale watching time so be sure to book a whale watching tour. One of the most popular whale watching tours in Cabo includes 2.5 hours out at sea with a marine biologist as your guide. Watch the humpback whales breach the surface, listen to their underwater symphony using hydrophones and take a peek at them under the water with the high-tech onboard underwater camera. 

Glass Bottom Boat

Take in the rugged coastline and incredible views with a scenic glass bottomed boat cruise through the crystal clear waters of Cabo. A boat cruise in January means you have a good chance of spotting whales on your trip. In addition, you’ll see some popular landmarks including Lovers Beach, Sea Lion Colony, Pirates Cove and more. 

What to pack for Cabo in January

Cabo in January: A Great Time to Visit
Cabo in January: A Great Time to Visit

While days can be pretty warm, on cooler days and particularly evenings, you’ll need to throw on a light jacket to keep out the chill. Other than that, on a normal day in Cabo in January, swimwear, shorts and beach cover ups will work just fine!

Be sure to pack in some sneakers for hikes and other outdoor activities like ATV tours and horseback riding. If you’re planning a fancy dinner or on hitting the nightclub scene, packing in some evening clothes is a good idea. 

Visiting Cabo in January is great for those wanting to take part in outdoor adventure activities and sports without struggling through the sweltering summer heat. The warm but pleasant days are perfect for golf, ATV tours, cruises out at sea or just relaxing on the beach. Even though locals will complain that the weather is cold, all you’ll really need to keep warm in the evenings is a light jacket. All in all, visiting Cabo in January is just as fantastic as any other time of the year with the added perk of the whale watching season and very little rainfall. 

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