What to do in Cancun in February

As the driest month in Cancun, February continues to be one of the best times to visit Cancun. Mexico has a very brief winter and temperatures in fact already begin to rise again from February. In addition to this, with peak season largely over, February is a quieter time to visit Cancun although most hotels are at 90% capacity around this time. Expect less crowded attractions, better deals on hotels and pleasant weather day and night. 

February also marks Valentine’s month, so visiting Cancun in February is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your love. What’s more romantic than sunset strolls along the beach, couples massages or candlelit dinners for two? We’ll wait…

February is just before Spring Break when Cancun becomes a no-go zone for couples and families looking for a romantic beach break, as teens flood the beaches with non-stop partying. So soak up the sun in February before the windy and rainy season starts. 

Weather in Cancun in February

The great weather experienced in December and January continues into February. The average high temperatures in Cancun are 84℉ with the lowest days dipping to a mild 67℉. Over the 28 days during the month of February, on average 21 of those days will deliver temperatures over 80℉. 

On average there are 4 days of rain during the entire month of February and they never happen consecutively so there’s no risk of your entire beach trip being rained out. Showers are usually light and sporadic, with the skies clearing up again quickly for outdoor activities to resume. 

With warm and comfortable sea temperatures, visiting Cancun in February means its the perfect time to explore the various water sport activities on offer ranging from snorkeling, diving and fishing to paddleboarding. 

Romantic things to do in Cancun in February 

Cancun in February: The Peninsula from the Air
Cancun in February: The Peninsula from the Air

While Cancun in February is not as crowded as it is in December and January, it still is busy. Booking popular tours in advance is recommended so you don’t miss out on things you had been looking forward to doing. The Isla Mujeres catamaran cruises and dolphin encounter tours are always popular so book those as soon as your dates are confirmed. 

With that out of the way, spending the romantic month of February in this tropical paradise is a great idea and a Valentine’s Day you’ll never forget! Hey, who knows, maybe you’ll love it so much you’ll make it an annual tradition! Here are some of our top picks for romantic things to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Cancun. 

Couples Massage 

There is nothing more relaxing than a massage and it’s an even better experience when your partner can enjoy being pampered alongside you! Your resort is likely to have an onsite spa for your convenience and normally when you book a massage you are entitled to use the spa facilities such as the hot tubs, saunas and relaxation areas. Your hotel spa likely also offers various packages geared towards creating a romantic and memorable experience for couples visiting the spa. 

Beach Picnic or Dinner 

Your resort should be able to arrange a candlelit dinner for two on the beach or a moonlit beach picnic for you and your love to indulge in. This is normally the highlight of a trip for most couples, creating an intimate and romantic culinary experience to delight in together. Just picture sipping bubbles under the stars while being served fresh seafood and other gourmet cuisine. 

Sunset Cruise 

The sunset dinner cruise is a memorable way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Cancun in February. Hop aboard a replica of a historic Spanish Galleon and set sail on a magnificent 2.5 hour cruise. Take in the spectacular views of the Cancun lagoon while you are serenaded by the sensual stylings of a live saxophonist. Dinner includes an open bar and a gourmet meal ranging from lobster to steak and vegetarian options. Commemorate the occasion with a professional photograph on board the vessel. 

Isla Mujeres Catamaran Cruise 

The idyllic tropical island of Isla Mujeres is a lover’s paradise, reinvigorating all who visit and strengthening romantic bonds by offering fantastic shared experiences for couples. From snorkeling in the most colorful coral reef in Mexico to exploring the charming town, a catamaran cruise to Isla Mujeres is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Set sail from Cancun on board a luxury catamaran across the clear turquoise water. Hop out at El Farito for a mesmerizing snorkeling adventure, exploring the underwater sculptures and rainbow-colored tropical fish. Stroll through downtown Isla Mujeres to discover the local shops and cafes, enjoying a buffet lunch along the way. 

Some other highlights for couples and families visiting Cancun in February include parasailing, visiting the ancient ruins in Tulum, the moonlit bioluminescence snorkeling tour and booking the wildly popular Tankah cenotes eco-adventure tour which includes a thrilling zip lining experience. 

Events in Cancun in February

Cancun in February: Activities and Events
Cancun in February: Activities and Events

Carnaval begins in mid-February, consisting of parades, fireworks displays and celebrations up to Ash Wednesday. 

Constitution Day is a national holiday observed on the first Monday in February, commemorating the establishment of the constitution in 1917. 

Día de San Valentin is known globally as Valentine’s Day, celebrated on the 14th of February annually. 

Visiting Cancun in February is the perfect way to spend the month of love or soak up the warm weather if you live in colder regions. While the atmosphere in Cancun is romantic in itself, there are many fun activities to do with your beloved to commemorate the occasion. From a mesmerizing catamaran cruise to Isla Mujeres to a beachside dinner for two, there is no shortage of romance in Cancun. 

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