5 Best Excursions in Cabo

What are the best excursions in Cabo? Cabo, or Cabo San Lucas is a resort city on Mexico’s Pacific coast that is known for its gorgeous beaches, cool waters, stunning rock formations and desert scenery, great nightlife, and excellent seafood and Mexican food. Although it’s more than possible to spend your entire Cabo vacation relaxing on the beaches, Cabo has so much to offer, that in order to get the most out of your trip, you should take advantage of the day trips and excursions that the city has to offer. Here is a list of the best excursions in Cabo.

Beach and Desert ATV Tours

Best Excursions in Cabo: ATV and Buggy Tours
Best Excursions in Cabo: ATV and Buggy Tours

One of the most unique experiences Cabo has to offer are the ATV tours of its incredible landscape. Cabo is one of the few vacation destinations in the world where the beaches directly meet the desert. This feature of the area makes for absolutely stunning scenery, with cacti and desert brush leading right up to the water’s edge in some places. 

The sandy terrain In Cabo is perfect for offroading, and you can take ATVs right from the beach to the desert to hidden canyons, creeks, and mountains, learning about the history of the area and the local fauna from a tour guide along the way.

Throughout the tour, you will see some of the best views that Cabo has to offer, and will also get the adrenaline rush of cruising off road on an ATV, for which prior experience is not required. 

You can check availability and sign up for a tour here.

Whale Watching Cruises

Best Excursions in Cabo: Humpback Whale Breaching off Cabo's Coast
Best Excursions in Cabo: Humpback Whale Breaching off Cabo’s Coast

One of Cabo’s most incredible exclusions are the whale watching tours in glass bottom boats that leave frequently from the piers. Between the months of December and April, gray whales and enormous humpback whales frequently congregate in the warm waters just off Cabo’s coast before migrating north to the waters of Alaska for the summer. Other species of whales that are sometimes seen in Cabo’s waters include blue whales, minke whales, sperm whales, and orcas. Dolphins are also frequently sighted.

The whale watching tours in Cabo are led by experienced boat captains and knowledgeable marine biologists, who will take you to the best spots to see the whales, and explain exactly what you are seeing. The boats are small, with a maximum of 14 passengers, giving you a front row seat to one of Cabo’s most incredible experiences.

Snorkeling Cruises

One of the best excursions in Cabo is the snorkeling cruise. Cabo’s snorkeling cruises take you to beautiful coral reefs to snorkel and swim with schools of tropical fish, all while travelling in luxury aboard a yacht.

No prior snorkeling experience is necessary to enjoy everything this cruise has to offer, as there are trained instructors on board to help you snorkel, plus life vests, paddleboards, and other flotation devices available for those who would rather not swim on their own.

The cruises are amazing experiences, with fresh seafood lunches and an open bar serving cocktails, wine, and other drinks. Once you reach the reefs, you are free to explore on your own or in groups. You will also pass by and see some of the incredible rock formations located along the water’s edge in Cabo.

Horseback Riding Tours

One of the most incredible experiences for visitors to Cabo are the horseback riding tours. Cabo’s ranches are some of the best in the world, and even complete novices to horseback riding should feel completely comfortable on one of Cabo’s famous tours.

The tours include horseback riding on the beach, and horseback tours of the desert and backcountry. When you saddle up, you will be in for the experience of a lifetime, as your tour guide takes you along the waterfront, where waves will lap at your horse’s feet, past rock formations and arches along the water’s edge, off the beach into the yellow desert sands, through canyons, mountains, past creeks, and through an animal sanctuary.

The guides who lead the tours will explain all the sites that you pass, allowing you to stop and take in the natural beauty of Cabo along the way.

Sunset Dinner Cruises

Best Excursions in Cabo: Sunset Cruises
Best Excursions in Cabo: Sunset Cruises

What better way to experience the beauty of Cabo’s coastline than on a sunset cruise past the arches and rock formations in the Sea of Cortez? As beautiful as El Archo and the other Land’s End formations are during the day, seeing them at night is incredible. 

Cabo’s sunset dinner cruises include great seafood and Mexican food, an open bar, and of course, great sightseeing, all from a luxury yacht or catamaran. Other sites along the cruise often include marine life like manta rays and dolphins splashing out of the water, a sea lion colony settling down for the night on Land’s End, and sometimes migrating whales. All while the waning sunlight flares in saffron and indigo over the Pacific.

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