5 Best Beaches in Cabo: Best Beaches in Cabo for Swimming

5 Best Beaches in Cabo: Cabo is famous throughout the world for its beautiful beaches and warm, sunny weather. The city has built a reputation as one of the best beach vacation destinations in the world. Its wide variety of beaches–from calm, swimmable ones to rough ones with fast waves that are perfect for surfing–have made it a popular destination with families, solo travellers, and adrenaline junkies alike. Here are the 5 best beaches in Cabo and the reasons that make them the best. Be sure to check these beaches out on your next Cabo vacation.

Medano Beach

Beach Beaches in Cabo: Medano Beach
Beach Beaches in Cabo: Medano Beach

One of the most popular beaches in Cabo, Medano Beach is known for its calm waters and soft, yellow sands. The waters are clear and still, with no strong currents or tides, making it ideal for swimmers and snorkelers, and also a great beach for children and the elderly. Other popular activities on the beach include jet skiing, kayaking, boating, and parasailing, and there are vendors renting out boats and jet skis right on the beach.

The views from the beach are also spectacular, with rock formations jutting out into the water, forming the inslet that keeps the ocean around Medano Beach so calm. You can often see boats coming and leaving from the shore, and small fish are visible darting around in the shallow waters. 

Medano Beach is one of the more popular beaches in the city, so it can get crowded. It is best to go as early as possible, and preferable to go during the week, because the crowds usually start to fill in later in the day and on the weekend. Still, crowds or no crowds, Medano Beach is well worth the visit thanks to its beauty and calm, swimmable waters.

Cannery Beaches

Best Beaches in Cabo: Cannery Beaches
Best Beaches in Cabo: Cannery Beaches

Located to the west of the Cabo Marina, the Cannery Beaches are three beaches named after a historical tuna cannery that was located in the area in the early 1900s. The cannery has long since closed, and today, the beaches are best known for being some of the best swimming beaches in Cabo. The water is calm and cool, without really strong currents or rough waves. The beaches are located further outside of Cabo than most other popular beaches in the area, and are much less crowded. Many of the daily visitors to the Cannery Beaches are locals, although there are tourists who visit these beaches. 

One notable difference between the Cannery Beaches and other beaches in Cabo is the lack of vendors on the Cannery Beaches. These beaches usually just have one or two vendors renting umbrellas and chairs or selling drinks, whereas other beaches in the city often have dozens of vendors. So if you are looking for some peace and quiet away from the crowds and vendors, the Cannery Beaches are perfect for you.

Lover’s Beach

Best Beaches in Cabo: Lover's Beach
Best Beaches in Cabo: Lover’s Beach

Lover’s Beach is the beach with the most famous scenery in all of Cabo. Located on the tip of Land’s End, where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific, the beach features the famous rock formations El Archo and Pelican Rock, and plenty of other stunning rock formations up and down the beach. The scenery makes visiting this beach an incredible experience, but the reasons to go to Lover’s Beach don’t end there. The beach also has some of the best swimming water in Cabo, with calm, bluegreen waves lapping at the shores, gradient to deep blue as you look further out. 

The beach is only accessible by boat, although there are frequent water taxis leaving from Cabo’s marina to Lover’s Beach, so accessibility is not a major issue. Due to the isolated location of the beach, however, there are no bars, restaurants, or bathrooms, so plan accordingly if you decide to make the trip to Lover’s Beach.

Chileno Beach

Another great swimming beach that is off-the-beaten track and has more local visitors than tourists, Chileno Beach is well worth making the trip to. Similar to Lover’s Beach, Chileno Beach is rather sparse in terms of amenities, but it does have portable bathrooms and one restaurant in the area. 

Chileno Beach is located on an inlet toward the Sea of Cortez side of the Peninsula, protecting it from the rougher surf and currents of the Pacific. The calm, clear seas off the coast make Chileno Beach ideal for swimming and snorkeling, and kayak and paddleboard rentals are available near the beach. 

Santa Maria Beach

One of the more popular beaches in Cabo, Santa Maria Beach is located in a horseshoe shaped cove that keeps it completely protected from waves and rough surf, making it an ideal swimming and snorkeling beach. The beach is a protected marine sanctuary, with wide varieties of fish and other marine wildlife commonly found in the waters. A popular activity on Santa Maria Beach is glass bottom kayaking to see the fish swimming underneath in the clear waters.

The beach is generally not very crowded, although crowds can sometimes form later in the day and on weekends, so you should try to get there early in the morning. There are also fewer beach vendors on Santa Maria Beach than many of the other beaches in the city, so be sure to bring chairs, and umbrella, and anything else you may need with you, and enjoy the peace and quiet. 

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