Costa Rica vs Puerto Rico: Best Destination for your Next Vacation

Costa Rica vs Puerto Rico: In this article we are going to talk about and compare two exciting travel destinations- Costa Rica vs Puerto Rico. Easily accessible, with frequent flights from most major continental US and Canadian cities, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica are two of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. But which one is right for you?

Both Costa Rica and Puerto Rico have scenic natural beauty, rich culture, great food, and many more attractions to enjoy. They also both have highly developed tourism industries, with excellent resorts and hotels, restaurants, beaches, shopping, and outdoor activities. But there are many who are a bit confused about which to visit on their next trip.

No worries! We are here to help you figure out whether Costa Rica or Puerto Rico is the right destination for you. Here are some of the major factors you should take into account when choosing between Costa Rica vs Puerto Rico.

Costa Rica vs Puerto Rico- Similarities and Differences

Although both Costa Rica and Puerto Rico are located in Latin America, they both have very different environments and very distinct cultures. While the former is a country, the latter is an unincorporated territory of the United States. So, the differences are obvious even before we start off our Costa Rica vs Puerto Rico discussion. But they share some similarities, too. Here are some of the major similarities and differences.


Costa Rica vs Puerto Rico: A Beach in Puerto Rico
Costa Rica vs Puerto Rico: A Beach in Puerto Rico

An account of Costa Rica vs Puerto Rico based on natural resources is important, as ecotourism is a large attraction for both locations, but especially for Costa Rica. Costa Rica is famous for its lush rainforests that are home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. In total, Costa Rica has thousands of square miles of national parks, covering volcanic plains, savannahs, dry forests, and more. Similarly, Puerto Rico, has a wide variety of biomes, including lush jungle like that found in El Yunque National Park, dry woodlands, mountains, valleys, and more. Both Costa Rica and Puerto Rico also have beautiful white sand beaches that are perfect for relaxing, swimming, surfing, and more.


Food is another thing that we travel for. Tasting exotic cuisines of different places is a goal of many travelers. So, we can consider food an important factor in the Costa Rica vs Puerto Rico discussion.

In Costa Rica, you can find its traditional Latin American foods like rice, fruits, plantains, and beans. There is no specialty of the food here. In Puerto Rico, you have many dishes to explore. From seafood to fried snacks, everything is there.


Costa Rica vs Puerto Rico: Costa Rica's Natural Beauty is a Major Attraction
Costa Rica vs Puerto Rico: Costa Rica’s Natural Beauty is a Major Attraction

A Costa Rica vs Puerto Rico comparison would never be complete without a discussion on the culture. Both of the places have their rich culture and you can enjoy their way of living while your visit.

Puerto Rico has its indigenous culture that is influenced by American, Latin, and Spanish cultures. It has great nightlife. It has had a considerable participation in the growth of salsa. The music genre reggaeton was invented in Puerto Rico in the mid 1990s before spreading to the rest of the world. In San Juan, the capital city of Puerto Rico, you can explore the old statues, European architecture, and cultural centers.

Costa Rica has a welcoming, friendly, peaceful culture. In this country, you can experience the “Pura Vida” lifestyle, which allows you to connect with strangers and friends in the same manner. This lifestyle makes Costa Rica one of the happiest countries in the world, and one of the most welcoming to travelers.


Costa Rica vs Puerto Rico: Blue Skies Over a Beach in Puerto Rico
Costa Rica vs Puerto Rico: Blue Skies Over a Beach in Puerto Rico

One of the most important factors to consider when trying to decide on a vacation destination is the weather. Nothing can ruin your vacation plans faster than a rainy week. When comparing Costa Rica vs Puerto Rico, weather is important to take into account. Both Costa Rica and Puerto Rico have diverse ecosystems, and you can find very different weather in different areas. Costa Rica has tropical beaches, rain forest, and deserts. Puerto Rico is also more or less like that. But it has hot beaches and cold highlands, too.

Try to avoid Costa Rica’s rainy season, which stretches from May to November, with the heaviest rainfall in September and October. Puerto Rico’s rainy season lasts from April to November, with its wettest month in August. Puerto Rico’s rainy season is generally slightly milder than Costa Rica’s


Discussing the travel costs is very essential in a Costa Rica vs Puerto Rico discussion. Travel costs are very much dependent on where you stay and what you plan on doing and seeing. There are many hotels and resorts in both Puerto Rico and Costa Rica, ranging from cheap hostels to all-inclusive resorts. Generally speaking, however, Puerto Rico is slightly less expensive, so if you are traveling on a budget, then plan for Puerto Rico. However, vacation costs to Costa Rica have declined recently to attract more tourists.


Safety is an important factor in a Costa Rica vs Puerto Rico comparison, whether you are traveling alone or with friends or family. Costa Rica has a better crime record than Puerto Rico. Small crimes are more common in Puerto Rico.

But in Costa Rica, you must be careful about riptides and strong currents, which are much more common on the country’s most popular beaches, which are mostly concentrated on the Pacific coast.

Puerto Rico is very prone to hurricanes, and is more frequently impacted by major storms than Costa Rica. Think about your safety based on these factors and be well-informed about the occurrences before choosing a place.


The last and another most important factor that you should take into account when considering Costa Rica vs Puerto Rico is where you will stay.

Costa Rica is well known for its eco-resorts. You can stay in beach bungalows, rainforest cabins, and customized eco-lodges here. Puerto Rico has five-star luxury hotels and all-inclusive resorts to choose from. Even you will get cheaper options to stay in at both of them.

We hope this Costa Rica vs Puerto Rico discussion will help you make your pick. And if you are looking for any winner at this point then know that both of them are the winners. They are different but neither is less than the other.. Each will offer you a unique experience to make your vacation great.

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