Cancun vs Aruba: How to Choose your Next Vacation Destination

Cancun vs Aruba: When it comes to choosing a vacation destination, there are many factors that you need to consider. If you are trying to decide between Cancun and Aruba, you should know that both of these Caribbean regions offer picturesque landscapes, turquoise seawater, and white sand beaches. Both Cancun and Aruba have been popular tourist destinations for decades, and there are people who swear by each. But despite all their similarities, they also have many differences, which might make one destination superior to the other, depending on what you plan on doing and seeing on your vacation. Here are the factors to take into account when considering Cancun vs Aruba.

Cancun vs Aruba- What are the Main Differences?

Cancun vs Aruba: One of Aruba's Famous Beaches
Cancun vs Aruba: One of Aruba’s Famous Beaches

If you ask veteran travelers, they will also sometimes be unable to make up their mind as to which is better. Some will say Cancun while others will vote for Aruba. But you should not completely rely on what others say. It is always best conduct research yourself on Cancun vs Aruba to choose the best destination for you.

For traveling to any place and spending your time there comfortably, it is good to be well-versed about the food, location, weather, attractions, transportation facilities, and other factors. So, let’s examine these factors when it comes to Cancun vs Aruba.


Cancun vs Aruba: A Beach in Aruba
Cancun vs Aruba: A Beach in Aruba

Practically no debate on Cancun vs Aruba can arise when you are talking about the locations. Both of them are situated in the Caribbean, the former on the Yucatan Peninsula to the southeast of Mexico, and the latter, an island 15 miles from the Venezuelan coast. Both of them are perfect to visit in the winter and spring. Aruba is a bit warmer compared to Cancun, but this difference is not significant.

Food and Drinks

Food is a big attraction for all travelers and so, an account of Cancun vs Aruba would not be complete without examining the dining options at each location. Cancun and Aruba have their own special food items that you can enjoy.

In Aruba, restaurants close to the resort areas usually serve international cuisines and seafood. These restaurants are a bit on the pricier side, so be prepared to pay more than you would in Cancun. If you want to taste some traditional Satee or Keshi yena then you have to get out of the resorts. Keshi yena, a delicacy loaded with cheese and meat, is highly recommended. The eateries outside the resorts charge comparatively less. American eateries are also very common on this island.

Cancun is located in Mexico and you can enjoy authentic Mexican food there. Apart from that, you can also find seafood and international cuisines. In Cancun food costs lesser than in Aruba and there are may Mexican traditional cuisines that you can taste. Be sure to try Ceviche, a dish that serves raw fish marinated with lemon juice and garnished with chopped onion, fruits, cilantro, and chilies. At the bars of Cancun, you can enjoy tropical drinks including some rare cocktails.

Tourist Attractions

Cancun vs Aruba: Chichen Itza, near Cancun
Cancun vs Aruba: Chichen Itza, near Cancun

This is perhaps the most important topic in the Cancun vs Aruba debate. Being Caribbean destination, both of them offer brilliant white sandy beaches, turquoise blue water, and warm weather.

People travel to Cancun to visit the attractions of the ancient Maya Kingdom, especially the Chichen Itza, one of the new seven wonders and heritage sites of the ancient world. There are cenotes created by limestone caves where you can enjoy underground swimming. You can also visit the underwater museum, which has over 500 amazing life-size sculptures in the coral. In the interactive aquarium, you can swim with sharks, swarms of fish, and rays.

Aruba is known for its biodiversity. Arikok natural park is a great tourist attraction there. It has natural caves and a natural bridge that brings hikers to it. You can enjoy a flamingo beach, butterfly farm, ostrich farm, donkey sanctuary, and diverse sea life there. One important thing to note in this Cancun vs Aruba debate- you can have fun in Aruba with the huge number of water sports it offers like snorkeling, parasailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing, etc.


To make this debate of Cancun vs Aruba easier to sort out on economy grounds, you should know that that Cancun is generally cheaper than Aruba. One can stay in Cancun spending around $600 for the week, while in Aruba, the cost would be around $1800. If you visit in the rainy season, you can get cheap deals in both areas. But be aware of the hurricanes in Cancun.


One important factor to consider when deciding between Cancun vs Aruba debate is the weather. Bad weather and natural calamities can not only ruin your vacation, they can put you in serious danger. Both being Caribbean location, Cancun and Aruba face fewer changes in temperature throughout the year. They generally have warm weather year round.

The winter and early spring is pleasant in both Cancun and Aruba, but the rainy season, which runs roughly from May to November, is risky. In the rainy season, Cancun sees frequent major storms like hurricanes. On significant point to note is that Aruba is outside the hurricane belt of the Caribbean, so it generally is not impacted by severe weather to the extent that Cancun is, but the wet weather during the rainy season is still best avoided.


When trying to decide between Cancun vs Aruba or any other places, transportation is something you must consider. You can rent a scooter, car or motorbike in both Cancun and Aruba. In Aruba, you can take advantage of the government transportation named Arubus. Aruba is only a 33 km long island and so, you can cover the whole island just in a 25-30 mins drive.

At both places, you can get a taxi from the airport, and can even hire an Uber. In Cancun, you can get cheap bus services. The local taxi service there is also very good.

So, who wins in this Cancun vs Aruba contest? The traveler off course! If you are game for luxury resorts, white sandy beaches, and activities like snorkeling, go for Aruba. But if you are looking for a more economic option, where you can enjoy a blend of vibrant nightlife and historical sites, pack your bags for Cancun!

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