Everything To Know About Visiting The Florida Panhandle In March

The Florida Panhandle In March: If you are planning a trip to the Florida Panhandle in March, we’ve compiled a handy list of everything you need to know about visiting during March to help you plan your dream vacation. The Emerald Coast is a beautiful area to visit all year round, however March is a particularly great time to visit the Florida Panhandle.

The Emerald Coast boasts miles of white sand beaches as soft and powdery as sugar. The beaches are flanked by emerald hued water, some of which runs along protected shorelines. The beaches along the Florida Panhandle are pristine and have an untouched feel, with most of the small towns that make up the Panhandle less developed than other destinations in Florida.

Weather in the Florida Panhandle in March

What is the Weather Like in the Florida Panhandle In March?
What is the Weather Like in the Florida Panhandle In March?

The average temperature in the Florida Panhandle in March is 68°F, which is mild and enjoyable if you’re not particularly fond of heat and humidity. The sea water can be a bit chilly, at around 65°F, for swimming but you can still enjoy time on the beach and outdoor activities like hikes, kayaking and biking without overheating. All the sunbirds have left the area by March so it’s nowhere near as busy as during December and January, however March is a popular time for families to visit so be prepared that it’ll be a little busier than normal.

On average, there are around 8 days of precipitation in March with around 5 inches of rainfall expected. Watch local weather reports closely closer to your departure date to plan your itinerary in case you’re in for rainy weather during your stay.

Prices in the Florida Panhandle in March

With March being the start of peak season in the Florida Panhandle, you can expect higher than average accommodation rates at this time of year. This is because spring breakers and families flock to the Emerald Coast in early spring for a warm beach getaway. If you’re on a very tight budget, it might not be the best time for you to visit the Florida Panhandle in March.

What to do in the Florida Panhandle in March

Things to do in the Florida Panhandle in March
Things to do in the Florida Panhandle in March

There is tons to do in the Florida Panhandle in March, ranging from festival fun to world-class rounds of golf. Be sure to add some of these to your to-do list…

  • Play a round of golf – the mild, warm days are perfect for rounds of golf on some of North America’s most pristine golf courses. There’s nothing worse than hitting the golf course in 90 degree heat, so the weather is at its best for an epic round of golf.
  • Spend a day at the Tequila and Taco Fest – Destin hosts the Tequila and Taco Fest in March, which spans 3 days of a tequila and taco taste extravaganza! Book your tickets here to avoid missing out on this fun-filled event.
  • Patrick’s Day festivities – there are fun St. Patrick’s Day celebrations to participate in across the Emerald Coast. Panama City hosts it’s famous pub crawl, 30A holds an annual Parade and Festival, Fort Walton hosts the Lucky Leprechaun 5k/10k and Pensacola holds its annual Prediction Run at McGuire’s Pub. So take your pick, there’s plenty of ways to celebrate!
  • Hit the mall – there are some fabulous malls and boutique shops to discover across the Florida Panhandle so don’t fret if you have a rainy day or two, hit the mall for some retail therapy.
  • Spend some time outdoors – March is a great time to enjoy all the outdoor adventures the Emerald Coast has to offer. The milder weather makes spending extended periods of time outdoors a lot more pleasant so plan to include hikes, biking, canoeing and more into your trip itinerary.
  • Book a fishing charter – Destin is one of the best fishing destinations in the world so be sure to book a fishing charter during your visit to cast a line and reel in some impressive catches!

What to pack for Florida Panhandle in March

As we mentioned before, the weather in the Florida Panhandle in March is very pleasant with mild temperatures across the board. With that being said, there are days that can be a little cooler and evenings can be chilly too. Here’s what to pack when you visit in March…

  1. A light jacket like a denim jacket or windbreaker, mostly to wear at night when the temperature dips.
  2. Jeans or long pants for cooler evenings or rainy days
  3. An umbrella in case it rains
  4. Walking shoes for outdoor activities like hikes and biking
  5. Bathing suits because the weather is warm and sunny enough to enjoy some time on the beach
  6. Sunscreen to protect your skin against sun damage
  7. Sunglasses and hat
  8. A green outfit to wear to St. Patrick’s Day festivities
  9. Golf shirts, pants, shoes and clubs if you’ll be playing a round or two
  10. Board games for rainy days or cozy nights in

Should I visit the Florida Panhandle in March?

Visiting the Florida Panhandle in March is a great time if you prefer to avoid the hot weather during the summer months or hurricane season which begins in June. While it’s warm enough to enjoy plenty of sunshine and time on the beach, most still find the sea water too cold for swimming. However, the weather is suitable for other outdoor activities like paddling, hiking, biking and golfing. There are also some fun events across the Emerald Coast in March. While it is a busier and more expensive time to visit, it is still well worth booking your trip for early Spring at one of the beautiful destinations that make up the Florida Panhandle.


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