5 Riviera Maya Best Beaches for your Next Getaway

Riviera Maya Best Beaches: Are you planning a wonderful getaway to relax and rejuvenate? Are you confused about the destination? Choosing the right destination for an amazing vacation is probably the most important part of ensuring that you have a good time. Here you will learn about Riviera Maya best beaches so that you can have a fun-filled vacation! So, just relax and continue reading!

Riviera Maya Best Beaches: Where is Riviera Maya?

The Riviera Maya is located in Mexico. The Caribbean Coast of the Yucatán Peninsula extends from Cancún to Belize. There is an 80 mile stretch from Tulum to Punta Allen peninsula. This area is known as the Riviera Maya. The Riviera Maya is full of beautiful beaches where you can just sit back and relax. The Riviera Maya’s best beaches are a sight to behold with turquoise water and powdery sand. Not only that, Riviera Maya has a rich historical background. If you’re an adventurous soul, you will definitely enjoy exploring the remnants of the Mayan civilization and other historical sites in the region.

The Top 5 Riviera Maya Best Beaches to Visit

Now that you have a basic idea about the location and specialty of the Riviera Maya, let’s take a look at the Riviera Maya best beaches that you must visit:

1. Playa Del Carmen Secret Beach

Top 5 Riviera Maya Best Beaches: Playa del Carmen
Top 5 Riviera Maya Best Beaches: Playa del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen is a resort town located in Riviera Maya. Although Playa Del Carmen is a very popular town in Mexico and is a tourist hotspot, there is a beach in Playa Del Carmen that most people don’t know about. Only the locals know about this secret beach. If crowded beaches are not your thing, you will love this secret beach. It is located between Mazarul development and Paradisus Hotel. The location of the beach in itself makes it one of the Riviera Maya best beaches. The location is luxurious and is a sight for sore eyes. Why? Because the luxurious Paradisus Hotel is nearby.

The beach is also very close to a huge limestone sinkhole. This secret beach is the best place to sit and enjoy the fresh air and the sun. You can even have a little picnic with your loved ones. However, it’s best to avoid this beach on Sundays because that’s when it gets quite crowded.

To get the best experience, opt for the weekdays in the afternoon.

2. Puerto Morelos

Top 5 Riviera Maya Best Beaches: Puerto Morelos
Top 5 Riviera Maya Best Beaches: Puerto Morelos

This is another of the Riviera Maya best beaches. Puerto Morelos is located very close to Cancún, just 15 miles away. Puerto Morelos is a cozy beachside village. The sand and the water are absolutely immaculate here. There are a lot of resorts here, all located close to the beach. To reach Puerto Morelos, you just need to rent a car. It’ll take you 20 minutes to reach this splendid beachside village from Cancún International Airport.

If you enjoy shopping, exploring bars, and snorkeling, you must visit Puerto Morelos. The water in Puerto Morelos houses a spectacular marine ecosystem. If you go snorkeling, you’ll get to see over 65 marine species. What makes this one of the Riviera Maya best beaches is the fact that the waves are serene and calm so you can have a very pleasant snorkeling experience. It’s one of the most romantic destinations that you can think of!

If you don’t like crowded beaches, try to visit during the weekdays after 4 pm.

3. Punta Bete

If you’re in Playa Del Carmen, just go north of Playa Del Carmen to witness the beauty of powdery white sand and stunning palm trees. Punta Bete is one of the Riviera Maya best beaches because it is isolated and will allow you to have a rustic beachside experience. When you go to Punta Bete, you’ll get to live in charming, rustic, beachside cabins at Coco’s Cabañas. These cabins are surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens that are just a few steps away from the splendid 3-mile beach.

Los Piños is right beside Coco’s Cabañas. At Los Piños, you’re in for an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Los Piños offers some of the best fresh seafood you will ever have. So, if living in a beachside cabin surrounded by picturesque gardens is on your bucket list, you should definitely visit Punta Bete to experience one of Riviera Maya best beaches.

4. Xpu-Ha Beach

Top 5 Riviera Maya Best Beaches: Xpu-Ha
Top 5 Riviera Maya Best Beaches: Xpu-Ha

The Xpu-Ha beach is one of Riviera Maya best beaches that is located 14 miles south of Playa Del Carmen. If you love chilling at the beach as well as partying the night away, Xpu-Ha beach is a must-visit. The Xpu-Ha beach is a small beach that is very popular because of its crystal blue water and unsullied white sand. The aesthetic value of this beach is very high. You’ll probably get to click some of the best vacation pictures on this beach!

Other than its aesthetic appeal, there’s a lot more to do in Xpu-ha beach. If you love swimming, you will love this beach. You can spend hours swimming in the waters of Xpu-Ha beach. Not only that, you can dance and enjoy your favorite cocktails at the Serenity Beach Club which is very close to the Xpu-Ha beach. For all you party lovers out there, this is one of the Riviera Maya best beaches! The Beach Club near Xpu-Ha beach will ensure that you have a luxurious experience. You can rent a luxurious tent at the Beach Club for your accommodation.

The Xpu-Ha beach is open from 10:30 am to 6:00 pm throughout the week so you can go during the weekdays or the weekends to have an unforgettable beach experience.

5. Playa Ruinas

Playa Ruinas is another unique beach that has successfully made it to the list of Riviera Maya best beaches. Playa Ruinas is located in Tulum. Tulum is a city that has a rich historical background. For all the history buffs and adventure junkies, you must visit Playa Ruinas. This place has splendid ruins that have been preserved very well. After you’ve had your fair share of admiring the fantastic ruins on clifftop Castillo, you can go down the cliff and enjoy relaxing at the beach along the shoreline. You also have the option of swimming to the Boca Paila Peninsula.

The best time to witness the ruins at this one of the Riviera Maya best beaches is between 8 am and 5 pm.

Now that you know about the Riviera Maya best beaches, don’t waste any time! Visit Riviera Maya and have an unforgettable beach holiday experience at the Riviera Maya best beaches!

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