6 Best Reasons to Visit Puerto Vallarta in December

Before we get into why you should visit Puerto Vallarta in December, it’s important to get to know why there’s so much to love about this coastal town. Puerto Vallarta is an idyllic resort town on the Pacific coast of Mexico, renowned for its natural beauty, warm hospitality and rich cultural traditions and heritage. The picture-perfect beaches are framed by the majestic Sierra Madre mountains and dotted with buildings rooted in the area’s history and culture. Unlike similar Mexican vacation destinations designed specifically for tourism, Puerto Vallarta developed organically over the years. The town started as a small fishing village and grew and developed into the world-class tourist destination it is today. 

The town was discovered and made popular by some Hollywood greats in the 1960s including Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. From there it evolved into a modern city offering tourists a wide range of fun activities, luxury resorts and fine dining restaurants. The cobblestone city centre is like something straight out of a postcard and a pleasure to wander around. Puerto Vallarta is well connected with its own international airport receiving a number of direct flights as well as a hub for cruise ships. 

It’s not like you need much of an excuse or coaxing to visit a beautiful coastal city like Puerto Vallarta in December. There’s nothing better than jetting off to a warmer destination when the December chill kicks in at home. So get ready to soak up the Vitamin D and breathe in that fresh coastal air!

Reasons to visit Puerto Vallarta in December 

Great Weather

Puerto Vallarta in December is Known for its Beautiful Weather
Puerto Vallarta in December is Known for its Beautiful Weather

The weather in Puerto Vallarta in December is really at its best. Despite it being winter in Mexico, the days are still warm thanks to Puerto Vallarta’s proximity to the equator. The weather in December is mild with sun-filled days and cool evenings, perfect for beaching by day and dancing by night! 

Daytime temperatures hover around 73 degrees with some days even reaching up to a high of 86 degrees. However, be sure to wrap up in a jacket in the evenings as the temperature cools down to around 60 degrees. You can expect to enjoy around 10 hours of sunshine a day so spending time on the beach and in the jewel-toned ocean is very pleasant at this time of the year. The milder weather and sunny days also make for great snorkeling and adventure activities. Sea temperatures are fabulous, lingering at around 77 degrees for the majority of December. 

Rainfall in December is also minimal, generally less than 25mm of rainfall during the whole month of December. That means plenty of sunshine and good weather for outdoor adventures and activities!

Seasonal Activities 

Whale Watching is Very Popular in Puerto Vallarta in December
Whale Watching is Very Popular in Puerto Vallarta in December

Visiting Puerto Vallarta in December means you’ll be just in time for whale watching season. This spectacular annual phenomenon sees pods of various species of whales migrating to warmer waters for their breeding season. Book a whale watching tour and you’ll be mesmerized by the beauty of watching these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. 

December is also a great time for paddleboarding, hiking in the Sierra Madre mountains, ATVing and windsurfing because of the milder, pleasant weather conditions. 

Stress Relief

Puerto Vallarta in December is Perfect for Relaxing
Puerto Vallarta in December is Perfect for Relaxing

After a busy and stressful year of work, family commitments and keeping to a rigid schedule, taking a beach vacation brings huge stress relief. There is nothing quite as relaxing as laying out on the beach listening to the sounds of the ocean, the salty air gently tousling your hair.

Or what about swaying in the coastal breeze on a hammock under the shade of a giant palm tree? Soaking in a steamy hot spring also doesn’t sound like a bad way to pass some time. Get the picture? A tropical vacation offers you the opportunity to really unplug, connect with nature again and to unwind. You will go home feeling much more relaxed, happy and motivated with batteries recharged. 

Family Bonding 

If you’ve spent every holiday building snowmen and huddling up by a crackling fireplace, experiencing something new together over the holiday season is a great family bonding exercise. Rather than being in a mad-rush arranging family gatherings and Christmas parties, you’ll all be together in a laid-back environment. You’ll also be able to enjoy new experiences together like whale watching, ziplining and sampling the local cuisine. These shared memories are something you can bond over for years to come.  

Stay Productive 

Many Americans and Canadians Escape the Cold and Recharge in Puerto Vallarta in December
Many Americans and Canadians Escape the Cold and Recharge in Puerto Vallarta in December

If you’ve still got some work to do, don’t let that stop you from going on vacation to Puerto Vallarta in December. Many jobs these days allow for remote work and if that applies to you, Puerto Vallarta is a great place to work! Trade your desk for a view of the ocean, instantly boosting your creativity and sense of happiness. Be inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds you, you literally cannot be in a bad mood in paradise! Even if you have to take vacation time off, you will go back to work more productive because of the time you had to rest and recharge while on vacation. 

A Different Way to Experience the Holidays

With deeply entrenched Catholic roots, the holiday season is celebrated a little differently in Mexico. From mid-December until the 24th of December, there are nightly parades through town with reenactments of the journey Mary and Joseph took from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Exposing yourself and kids to new cultural traditions enriches your knowledge and respect for other cultures. The processions through town are followed by vibrant fiestas and parties with the period culminating in midnight mass on Christmas Eve. 

Visiting Puerto Vallarta in December is a great idea for more than one reason. From the fantastic weather to season-specific activities like whale watching and the wonder of experienced new traditions around the holiday season all make Puerto Vallarta the perfect destination for your vacation. 

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