Best Beach in Isla Mujeres: Our Top 10 

When you visit the beautiful and breezy island of Isla Mujeres, there are so many beaches to visit, it can be hard to narrow it down to which ones you’ll explore during your time on the island. While they all share similar white sandy beaches and crystalline water, they each have their own vibe and personality. Each beach will attract a different type of tourist from families to lovebirds and big groups. 

Read on for the best beach in Isla Mujeres

North Beach 

Best Beach in Isla Mujeres: North Beach
Best Beach in Isla Mujeres: North Beach

Playa Norte, or North Beach, is the most popular beach in Isla Mujeres, located at the Northernmost tip of the island. It is by far the largest beach and different sections of the beach are hit by wind and tides differently, making certain areas better suited for swimming. The beach is an oasis – sink your toes into the fine white sand and cool off in the warm Caribbean waters.

Bring your own towels and chairs or rent from the Beach Club, along with water sports equipment and kayaks. There are a number of thatched restaurants and bars along the beach that will gladly bring a meal or drink to you on the beach, just keep an eye out for the waiters. The section in front of Chi Chi’s has very shallow water, perfect for a relaxed swim. Further south, near Avalon Reef Club, is a more protected area that’s great to hangout in on a windy day plus an excellent location for snorkeling. 

Garrafon De Castilla 

Further South of the island you will find Garrafon De Castilla, located close to Garrafon Reef Park. Here, you can snorkel at the same reef and rent a comfortable lounger for a lot less than you’d pay at the park itself. The beach is small and unassuming but offers travelers on a budget a great snorkeling experience. 

The beach facilities are painted with bright and colorful artworks depicting shoals of fish, reminding you at every turn you’re in paradise. There are lockers for rent, cheap snorkel gear rental and restaurants with affordable prices for traveler favorites like pina coladas and fresh seafood. Watch out for the iguanas, they roam the coastline here and aren’t shy of visitors!

Playa Lancheros

With its iconic pier that extends out across the glass-like water, Playa Lancheros is the best beach in Isla Mujeres for travelers looking for a quiet beach. Look out at the views under the thatched lapa at the end of the pier or dine on some of the best seafood the island has to offer. From fresh ceviche and grilled shrimp tacos to traditional Tikin Xic fish, travelers rave about the restaurants on Playa Lancheros. 

The beach itself is breezy and super quiet with plenty of seating space and crystal clear water. The views from the beach and pier are absolutely breathtaking, especially if you visit at sunset. 

Playa Centro

A bustling beach with soft white sand and turquoise waters, this is the best beach in Isla Mujeres for a traditional beach experience. The water is calm, without many waves, and makes for a very safe swimming beach for all skill levels. 

There are a few restaurants on the beach that offer chair and umbrella rentals. They also have a couple of restaurants with one of the favorites being Coco Restaurant and Beach Bar, who serve up delicious food like chips and salsa and refreshing margaritas. 

Hermosa Caleta 

Best Beach in Isla Mujeres: Hermosa Caleta
Best Beach in Isla Mujeres: Hermosa Caleta

This is a hidden gem and the best beach in Isla Mujeres for snorkeling. There is an abundance of tropical fish and marine life in this area due to the rocky outcrops in the water and the protective bridge. The best time to go snorkeling is in the morning when the water is practically see-through, before swimmers have churned up the sand. 

The beach itself is normally quiet with many picture-perfect spots for photo opportunities. If you enjoy collecting shells, keep an eye out for some beautiful varieties. There are plenty of palm trees to camp out under when the sun gets a bit too hot. 

Playa El Cocal

Playa el Cocal is close to North Beach and near the Mia Reef Resort. It is a beach that looks straight out of a movie with perfect sugary white sand and the brightest turquoise water you’ll ever see. The shallow, calm water makes this the best beach in Isla Mujeres for kids to swim and enjoy the water. 

There are plenty of bars and restaurants along the beach where you can rent snorkeling equipment, beach chairs and umbrellas. Nearby Tarzan Beach Bar has great fish burgers, ceviche and cold beers. There is also a spa nearby for some pampering. 

Piscina Del Rey

While it is not a beach per se, we had to include this picturesque slice of paradise! Piscina Del Rey is a swimming bath nestled amongst the rocks that is great for wading and snorkeling. It is crystal clear and a sheltered swimming bath, a must when you visit the island. 

Now that you’ve got the lowdown on the best beach in Isla Mujeres for every traveler, you’re well equipped to plan your trip itinerary and not miss out on a great day at the beach! Each beach has its own activities and atmosphere, making each one suitable for a range of visitors. 

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