The Best Beach in Cozumel – Our Top Picks

Aside from Cancun, Cozumel is Mexico’s most beach destination. The sand is as soft and white as sugar and the water, a glistening turquoise. With only 5% of the island actually developed, Cozumel has retained a natural beauty that far surpasses many other popular island destinations. The island is over 300 square miles and visitors are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a beach to visit…but which is the best beach in Cozumel? 

Playa Punta Morena Beach 

Punta Morena, located on the east coast of Cozumel, provides visitors with the customary gorgeous white sandy beach and crystal-clear blue water synonymous with the island. The popular beach also boasts a trendy beach club, making for a vibey day out. 

Why Punta Morena may be the best beach in Cozumel for you

Punta Morena is one of the very few great surfing beaches in Cozumel, so is popular amongst surfers. The beach itself is very spacious with plenty of room to catch a tan, build sandcastles with the kids or play some fun beach games. The water near the shore is gentle and ideal for swimming. The beach itself provides visitors with hammocks and loungers while the beach club serves refreshments and delicious meals, including fresh seafood dishes. 

Playa El Cielo 

Playa El Cielo, Cozumel
Playa El Cielo, Cozumel

A picture-perfect beach and a haven for snorkelers, expect sugar-like sand and literally thousands of starfish in the water. We’d recommend packing snacks and drinks in your beach bag, restaurants are quite a distance away. 

Why El Cielo may be the best beach in Cozumel for you

The picturesque scenery makes for capturing perfect “Kodak moments” of your vacation. It is also a great spot for snorkeling and scuba diving because of the abundant starfish population.   

Playa Bonita 

A quiet, less crowded beach with powdery white sand and sparkling water lapping the shore.

Why Playa Bonita may be the best beach in Cozumel for you

The perfect spot to sunbathe, read a book, take a dip in the ocean and unwind in Cozumel. Grab a refreshment and light meal from the beach bar, and explore the nearby ancient Mayan ruins while you’re there.   

Playa Chen Rio 

Chen Rio is the best beach for swimming in Cozumel with calm waters and many lifeguards on duty to keep you safe. 

Why Chen Rio may be the best beach in Cozumel for you

Besides swimming, scenic walks, collecting seashells and visiting the local shops and cafés make for a fun day trip in Cozumel.   

Playa Mia Grand Beach Park 

Playa Mia is the most popular beach in Cozumel, known for its white-sand beaches, well-maintained facilities and long list of activities. 

Why Playa Mia may be the best beach in Cozumel for you

There is something for all ages at Playa Mia ranging from restaurants, spa treatments and water slides to paddleboarding or exploring the floating adventure park.    

Playa Corona Beach 

Most famous for its abundant sea creature population and glass-like water, Corona Beach is the best beach in Cozumel for snorkelers. 

Why Corona Beach may be the best beach in Cozumel for you

The beach is quieter and more popular amongst locals than tourists, making it a tranquil spot to relax without needing to fight for beach huts, chairs or space. Grab a fajita and cocktail from the nearby restaurants to refuel. 

Paradise Beach 

Paradise Beach, Cozumel
Paradise Beach, Cozumel

An oasis with soft beach sand and water as still as a pool, perfect for swimming and the best beach in Cozumel for kids. 

Why Paradise Beach may be the best beach in Cozumel for you

The shallow, calm waters make Paradise Beach safe for kids to swim and splash around in. The beach club offers equipment rental for snorkeling, beach toys, kayaks and more. 

Dzul Ha Beach 

Besides the beautiful scenery, Dzul Ha has excellent facilities and is easily accessible. The beach offers a front row seat to the vibrant reefs and beautiful views. 

Why Dzul Ha Beach may be the best beach in Cozumel for you

The beach is more rocky than the others we’ve listed, however the reefs are accessible to explore from the beach, so there’s no need to hire a boat. Restaurants are also right there on the beach for a quick snack and drink after your beach activities. 

Playa Palancar 

Experience heaven on earth at the most stunning beach in Cozumel. The palm-dotted beach and glistening water are straight out of a postcard. 

Why Palancar Beach may be the best beach in Cozumel for you

Feast on spicy fish tacos and sip a Mexican beer in the thatched restaurant after a day spent lounging on the pristine beach. Despite its exquisite beauty, it’s a less crowded beach so is the best beach in Cozumel for honeymooners and lovers alike looking for a peaceful day out. 

Playa Azul 

Playa Azul, Cozumel
Playa Azul, Cozumel

A very romantic and scenic coastline to explore with your beloved, offering a number of fun water-based activities to enjoy together. 

Why Azul Beach may be the best beach in Cozumel for you

Playa Azul is the best beach in Cozumel for foodies with an ever-popular restaurant at the beach club, serving up mouth-watering fresh seafood and cocktails. 

Playa San Juan

San Juan is the best beach in Cozumel for families with clean facilities and tons of fun activities on offer. 

Why San Juan Beach may be the best beach in Cozumel for you

Spend the day building sandcastles and combing the beach for seashells with little kids or older visitors can enjoy watersports, swimming and snorkeling. On a hot day, take refuge from the sun under the palm trees or beach huts. 

Playa San Francisco

San Francisco Beach is an absolutely beautiful stretch of coast boasting an array of exciting water sports including jet-skiing, parasailing and kayaking. 

Why San Francisco Beach may be the best beach in Cozumel for you

San Francisco Beach has excellent facilities including beach umbrellas, comfortable loungers, outdoor showers to wash off the sea salt, Wi-Fi connectivity and pool floaties. Day passes also include a delicious meal and a selection of beverages. 


The best beach in Cozumel depends on your travel partners and what kind of vibe you’re looking for. From more secluded, tranquil beaches to festive, bustling beach clubs, you’re spoilt for choice in Cozumel! 

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