5 Best Beaches in Ixtapa

5 Best Beaches in Ixtapa: Ixtapa is a beautiful resort city on Mexico’s west coast, built on the site of a former coconut plantation. Since the city’s construction in the early 1970s, Ixtapa has become one of the most popular tourist destinations on Mexico’s west coast. Tourists flock to the city to enjoy the great weather, excellent seafood and Mexican food, incredible views, and above all, the beautiful beaches. Ixtapa’s beaches are famous for their long stretches of yellow sand, calm Pacific waters, and wealth of beachfront activities and watersports to take part in. If you are planning a trip to Ixtapa, here are the best beaches in the city that you should be sure to check out.

Playa Larga

Best Beaches in Ixtapa: Playa Larga
Best Beaches in Ixtapa: Playa Larga

A two-mile long sandy beach located on Ixtapa’s coast, close to the airport, Playa Larga is a must-see beach. The beach’s vast expanse makes it excellent for anyone looking for an active vacation–jogging, walking, horseback riding, playing volleyball and soccer, and plenty of other sports are popular on the beach. Despite its accessible location, the beach is rarely ever crowded, as most tourists to Ixtapa flock to the more well-known beaches in front of the hotels and resorts.

The waves on Playa Larga can get high and the surf can be rough at times, so it is recommended that swimmers exercise caution and make sure conditions are safe before going in. Despite that, Playa Larga is still a great swimming beach, and there are lifeguards on duty. It is more than possible to spend the entire day at Playa Larga, as there are also plenty of restaurants and bars in the area serving great food.

Playa Linda

Playa Linda is one of the best family friendly beaches in Ixtapa. The beach is long and lined with coconut trees providing shade along the entrances to the beach. A walking and cycling path runs the length of the beach too, providing easy access to the shops and restaurants in the area.

When you arrive on the beach, the first thing you will notice are the beautiful views of the rolling hills and rock formations jutting out into the water far to the north. You will also see the calm, blue Pacific waters that make Playa Linda a perfect place for swimming, snorkeling, and fishing. Other popular attractions include jet skiing, boogie boarding, and banana boating, the equipment for all of which is rentable from vendors right on the beach.

Playa Linda is especially notable as the location of a wildlife sanctuary. On the end of the beach there is an estuary where you can see alligators, iguanas, and birds, including spoonbills and herons.

Playa Quieta

Best Beaches in Ixtapa: Playa Quieta
Best Beaches in Ixtapa: Playa Quieta

A relaxed and laid back beach that is usually very quiet, although it can get crowded at times, especially on the weekend. Playa Quieta has a reputation for being one of the best beaches in Ixtapa for swimming, and when you get to this beach, it is easy to see why. The waters on Playa Quieta are calm and serene, with no major waves or currents, and the location of the beach, in front of Ixtapa Island, makes the water a natural “pool” that shelters the beach from the rougher seas of the Pacific.

Up and down Playa Quieta you will find vendors renting surf boards, boogie boards, snorkel equipment, kayaks, and sail boats, all of which are a lot of fun to use on the beach. Other popular activities on Playa Quieta include walking and jogging on the beach, playing beach games like paddleball and volleyball, and watching sea turtle releases. 

There are plenty of great restaurants and bars located all around Playa Quieta, and you are more than welcome to order food or drinks to enjoy on the beach.

Playa Coral

One of the nicest beaches in Ixtapa, Playa Coral is known as a great swimming and snorkeling beach. True to its name, just off the beach on Playa Coral you will find extensive coral reef areas, which are home to a plethora of marine life, including dozens of species of fish, crabs, lobsters, shrimp, sponges, and more. This makes the beach a prime snorkeling destination, and it is especially great for beginner snorkelers, as the coral areas are easily accessible from the shore.

There are vendors on the beach who will rent you snorkel gear, beach chairs, umbrellas, just about anything else you could need. The calm waters at Playa Coral make the beach perfect for children and families, and with a wide range of restaurants and bars located just off the beach, it is easy to spend the whole day there. 

Playa El Palmar

One of the best beaches in Ixtapa, Playa El Palmar is a long, sandy, uncrowded beach that is great for families, couples, and solo travelers alike. The beach is usually good for swimming, with generally calm waters and lifeguards on duty who call swimmers out of the water and raise “no swimming” flags in the event of rough waters or undertows.

Playa El Palmar is one of the most popular beaches in Ixtapa, and there is always plenty to do, from surfing and boogie boarding to kitesurfing, parasailing, jet skiing, boating, jogging, relaxing on the beach, and more. Up and down the beach you will see plenty of vendors who will be more than happy to rent you equipment to take part in any beach activity you like.

Other attractions on Playa El Palmar include beach massages, and the great restaurants and bars that you can order food or drinks from to enjoy right on the beach.

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